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17/45kV,17/50kV Coupling T Surge Arrester(17/45,17/50)

17/45kV,17/50kV Coupling T Surge Arrester(17/45,17/50)

17/45kV(17/50kV) Coupling T Surge Arrester are used in electrical equipment such as gas inflatable RMU, gas insulated switchgears, transformers and cable branch boxes etc. by connecting with front connectors (tee connectors) and rear connectors to protect the quipments from overvoltage.
17/45kV,17/50kV Coupling T Surge Arrester(17/45,17/50)

Product Description

 1. Product introduction of separable connector arrester

European shielded type back plug arrester is used for inflatable ring network cabinet, air insulation switch cabinet, transformer, cable branch box and other electrical equipment, and the shielded type front plug or back plug connection use. Protect electrical equipment from overvoltage. The product performance meets the requirements of GB11032 and IEC60099-4 standards.

 2.Electrical performance parameters of detachable connector arrester

 3. Product characteristics and application of separable cable connector zinc oxide arrester 

1) we produce NKS separable cable terminals are made of non-toxic, odorless, safe and environmental protection silicone rubber. The material has good insulation performance, corona resistance and anti-trace property, which can strengthen the adaptability of cable accessories to electrical system fluctuation;

2)at the same time, the surface is covered with a layer of semi-conductive shielding layer, in the normal work or good grounding, even if the operator contact the surface of the product, it will not cause damage to personnel and equipment, greatly improve the safety of the equipment and power supply reliability.

3)the internal connecting conductor with T2 pure copper material, has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance.

4)separable cable terminal is widely used in box-type substation, box-type ring network cabinet, inflatable cabinet and cable branch box and other equipment cabinet with European standard bushing. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, safe and reliable, and convenient combination. Suitable for all kinds of distribution network applications. And flexible disassembly, full airtight, full insulation, full protection, maintenance free, anti-flooding, anti-pollution.

5) the plug built-in lightning arrester zinc oxide valve plate has a good nonlinear, so that the lightning arrester with residual low, fast response time, wave flat, can effectively prevent lightning strike, operation impact and overvoltage protection, to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.

 4. Product details of zinc oxide arrester for separable connector

1. Fastening bolts: 304 stainless steel ensure that the metal conductor is tightly connected to the casing.

2. Insulation plug: epoxy resin material with threaded metal parts can be closely matched with the fastening screw.

3. Insulation layer: high performance insulating silica gel material has good insulation performance.

4. Outer semi-conductive shielding layer: high performance insulating silica gel material is tightly bonded with the insulating layer, so that the product is always in the shielded state, and the product is grounded with the grounding wire.

5. Inner semi-conductive core: the prefabricated semi-conductive core is closely bonded with the insulating layer to effectively control the electric field stress.

6. Semi-conductive cover: seal the end of cable connector, so that the product has the function of full shielding and full sealing.

7. Stress cone: the stress cone of different sizes is used with the cable of corresponding specifications to ensure the equipment is fully sealed and the cable stress release.

8. Lightning arrester core: high performance zinc oxide components.

9. Wiring terminals: Aluminum terminals are used to connect cables to devices.

Grounding wire: Copper wire provides grounding protection for the products provided.

 5.Product qualification 



 6. Distribution, transportation and service 

We have a large stock. If the quantity is not large, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible after receiving the payment. If the quantity is large, the delivery time will be determined according to the quantity. The order quantity is small, usually using express (DHL,FEDEX,TNT, etc.). For large orders, we recommend air or sea freight. This will take longer, but at a cheaper cost. We are near the port of Shenzhen.



 7. Question and answer 

Q: Are you a factory or a trading company

A: We are factories and we can guarantee that our prices are first-hand, very cheap and competitive.

Q: How do you do quality control in your factory?

A: All products will be 100% electrical performance tested before shipment.

Q: When can I get the price?

A: As A rule, we quote within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry

Q: How can I get a sample?

A: We can send you samples free of charge. You will be charged for shipping and Courier fees depending on the number of samples.

Q: What about the terms of payment?

A: Let's use T/T or L/C.

Q: How much is the freight?

A: The prices vary according to the port of delivery.

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