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Screen bus-bar,lug type 15kV 630A(1250A)

Screen bus-bar,lug type 15kV 630A(1250A)

lug type
Screen bus-bar,lug type 15kV 630A(1250A)

Product Description

1. Introduction of the top extension busbar cross connector 

The top extension bus connector is suitable for the top series extension of load switches in ring cabinet, the number and distance of the combination of cabinets can be flexibly adjusted, the combination of bus tube, three-way plug and four-way plug can realize the series connection of multiple load switches is the priority of the combined ring cabinet, the product matches the C-type bushing in EN50108-50101.

 2. Electrical performance parameters of the top extension cross busbar connector



The numerical

The rated voltage



Rated current



Rated frequency



Power frequency withstand voltage



Partial discharge



Impulse voltage



Blocking resistance



Applicable casing type



The environment temperature


The altitude



 3. Product characteristics and application of top extension bus bar connector 

1) our production of NKS top extension bus connector are made of non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly silicone rubber. The material has good insulation performance, corona resistance and electrical trace resistance, can strengthen the adaptability of cable accessories to electrical system fluctuations;

2)  at the same time the surface is covered with a layer of semi-conductive shielding layer, in normal operation or good grounding, even if the operator contact the surface of the product, it will not cause injury to personnel and equipment damage, greatly improving the safety and power supply reliability of the equipment in use.

3)  The inner connecting conductor is made of T2 pure copper, which has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance.

4) the top extension bus connector is widely used in box substation, box ring cabinet, inflatable cabinet and cable branch box and other equipment cabinet with European standard bushing. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, safe and reliable, convenient combination and so on. Suitable for various power distribution network applications. And flexible disassembly, full airtight, full insulation, full protection, maintenance-free, anti-flooding, anti-pollution.

 4. Product details of IEC busbar connectors kit

1. Fastening bolt: 304 stainless steel to ensure that the metal conductor is tightly connected to the casing.

2. Insulation plug: epoxy resin material with threaded metal parts can be closely matched with fastening screws

3. Insulation layer: high-performance insulating silica gel material has good insulation performance.

4. Outer semi-conductive shielding layer: high performance insulating silica gel material is tightly bonded with the insulating layer, so that the product is always in a shielded state, with the grounding wire to make the product in a grounded state.

5. Inner semi-conductive core: the prefabricated semi-conductive core is tightly bonded with the insulating layer to effectively control the electric field stress.

6. Semi-conductive cover: seal the end of cable connector, so that the product has full shielding and full sealing function.

7. Bus clip: T2 red copper material, silver plated on the surface with good electrical conductivity.

8. Ground wire: Copper wire provides grounding protection for the product to be supplied.

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