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2023 Shenzhen International Digital Energy Exhibition

Wed Jul 05 15:15:26 CST 2023

-----Build a global digital energy industry vane   

        2023 International Digital Energy Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from June 29 to July 2. With the theme of "Digital Drive can create the future", the exhibition showcased cutting-edge technologies and application demonstration results in the global digital energy field in a comprehensive and multi-scene way. More than 100 countries and regions, 407 international digital energy leading enterprises, nearly 2,000 energy scholars, think tank experts and global energy business leaders participated in the exhibition, and more than 68,000 professional visitors attended the exhibition.

        With an exhibition area of nearly 60,000 square meters, the exhibition will conduct in-depth discussions in the fields of new power systems, electrochemical energy storage industry, energy industry and digital technology integration. At the same time, the "Cloud Exhibition Hall" of the digital energy exhibition is displayed according to the classification of the exhibition area of the exhibition hall, and the panorama shooting technology is used to simulate the offline display scene, and the offline exhibition content is displayed simultaneously on the cloud platform.

        A total of 99 energy digitalization achievements were released during the exhibition, and version 1.0 of the "Power charging, storage and Storage One network", virtual power plant management platform 2.0, "2023 Shenzhen Digital Energy White Paper", "Digital Grid Technology and Equipment White Paper" were also released. Held the launch ceremony of Shenzhen construction supercharge city, the establishment ceremony of Shenzhen Electrochemical energy storage Industry Alliance and the appointment ceremony of Shenzhen Electrochemical Energy storage Industry Development Strategy Advisory Expert Committee (Shenzhen new energy storage "super think tank"), the establishment of energy storage standardization Committee, new energy storage industry fund and so on.

        Many exhibitors said that the International Digital Energy Exhibition focused on the global cutting-edge technologies and practices in the field of digital energy, promoted the deep integration of digital revolution and energy revolution, promoted the construction of a green, efficient, flexible, intelligent and sustainable modern energy system, and focused on building digital, new energy, energy storage and other digital energy exchanges and cooperation platforms, leading the global digital energy industry. 

        The exhibition attracted more than 100 media, including authoritative media, to track and report on the whole process, which caused wide attention at home and abroad.