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NKS Power will participate in the 2021 Asian Power Electrician and Smart Grid Exhibition

Sat Oct 30 19:44:06 CST 2021

On September 23-25, 2021, the Fifth Asian Power Electrician and Smart Grid Exhibition hosted by China Southern Power Grid Media Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex. As a top event in the global power industry, this exhibition focuses on the theme of "Smart Energy, Green Grid" and showcases the latest achievements in the development of domestic and foreign power electricians, smart grids, and wire and cable industries. Nankaisheng Power brought a number of power transformation, power transmission, power distribution products and solutions to the exhibition
Nankaisheng Power is deeply involved in the power cable accessories industry to help build a new green power system.
Cable accessories are an indispensable and important part of the cable line, and also the weakest part of the entire cable line. Nankaisheng Power was established in 2003 as an early domestic company that independently developed and manufactured cable accessories and power connectors. One, is committed to serving the power industry with advanced, environmentally friendly and safe products, promoting the green and sustainable development of the power system, and promoting the high-quality development of the power grid industry.

At the exhibition site, Nankaisheng Power’s booth has an exceptionally dazzling blue and white space design, which interprets a minimalist style, sharp edges and corners, and unique features. The products on display include IEC European-style detachable cable accessories and IEEE American-style detachable cable accessories. , Cold-shrinkable cable terminals, heat-shrinkable cable terminals, GIS cable accessories, high-voltage prefabricated cable terminals and other products
The staff in the exhibition area perform their duties, ranging from reception staff to product consultants to solution consultants. Many professionals showed great interest in the products and solutions of Nankaisheng Power, and stopped to consult.
Carry a number of cutting-edge cable accessories technology to help the rapid development of the power system.