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Product introduction of cold-shrink cable accessories and its advantages and disadvantages

Thu Nov 11 18:19:39 CST 2021

We are glad to share with you about Product introduction of cold-shrink cable accessories and its advantages and disadvantages, the results of our work, company news, industry related news and give you timely developments and personnel appointment and removal conditions.

When installing the cold shrink cable accessories on site, extract the internal cable attachment on the cable insulation, because it depends on the elastic retraction at normal temperature, rather than the heat heating, which is commonly known as the cold shrink cable accessories; After installation, always maintain the proper radial pressure on the cable body and make the internal interface closely combined without electric breakdown due to the breathing effect of the cable operation.The stress control part is integrated with the main insulation compound, which effectively solves the electric stress concentration problem at the outer shielding surface of the cable to ensure reliable insulation and safe operation.

The advantages are:

The applicable surface is wide, large surplus, few product specifications, one specification for two or more square cable; always maintain the appropriate radial pressure to the cable body after installation, the interface pressure ambassador close interface, will not cause electric breakdown due to the breathing action of cable operation, attachment internal layer removal danger of moving or bending after installation;

The installation operation is simple, without fire, save time and effort, has solved the phenomenon of prefabricated cable accessories contraction is not tight or safe and the problem of heat shrinkage cable accessories need fire operation.Good sealing, good safety in high humid and high salt fog environment.

The shortcomings are:

Due to the additional expansion process and the need of expansion and contraction characteristics, the cold shrink cable accessories have a much higher performance than the prefabricated silicone rubber (such as tensile strength and tear resistance), so that the production cost is somewhat higher than the prefabricated accessories;

The storage period is short, generally is half a year to two years because the cold shrink cable accessories is pre-expanded, in the case of support bars for a long time storage, there may be scattered bars or silicone rubber material fatigue contraction is not in place;

Compared to the prefabricated type, the cold shrink cable attachment installation is higher for the installation workers, the installation is more complicated.